Andi Kalteis – “Bewegungs(Movement) Basics”

Andi Kalteis – “Bewegungs(Movement) Basics”

The internet is jam-packed with demoreels and showoff-videos of several athletes and artists that want to present their skills. Often these clips are visually pimped by computer effects, fancy camera angles etc.

Beginners are often confused by those videos and cannot learn much technique from them. This is where we come into play!

Our BEWEGUNGS-BASICS consists of 4 parts and is intended as an inspiration for all beginners in the arts of movement. The most comon techniques and variations, performed on the most comon objects in the most comon areas, filmed in clean non-tricky angles with 300 frames per second. The techniques-specialist Andreas Kalteis performed these techniques especially in a not-showing off, not over-clean, not impressing way, on low heights with low risk, so every beginner can relate to it and learn from it.

It is so often that questions like “I dont live in a city, where can I practise?” or “I have no roof-access, can I still train?” occur. Here you have an answer to it. Filmed in the village of “Hard” and the small town of “Bregenz” at comon places like playgrounds, trainstations, underbridges and fences, which can be found in every oh so little town or village in some way.

These videos are a testing for an upcoming huge example/tutorial videocollection for the arts of movement. BEWEGUNGS-BASICS does not cover all basic moves and movements, and is not intended as an explizit basics-tutorial – it was made to be an inspiration and help for beginners.

In November 2008 there will be another surprise from this line…

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